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Account information for cashless transaction: Account no. 40760100000435, Name: Principal FAA Medical College Barpeta, Bank of Baroda, Barpeta Branch, IFSC: BARBOBARPET, MICR: 781012102

 Laboratory and Imaging:

FAAMCH offers quality investigation services through Biochemistry, Microbiology & Pathology laboratories. The list of test conducted and fees are mentioned below. Due to technical difficulties some test are not possible to conduct during emergency hours.

Radio imaging:

The Radiology department runs the Radio imaging lab. Currently X-ray and Ultra – Sonography are being done. Plans to upgrade with C.T. Scan are in the pipeline.


Hospital runs E.C.G. for needed patients on 24 hour basis.

Fees for all Lab. Investigations:

Hospital Facility and Laboratory Investigation Charges

Important Note

Except for Registration, rental for beds in the General Wards and rental for Paying Cabins, the members of the families below poverty line (BPL) identified on the basis of the Family Identity Card (Ration Card) issued by the Department of Food Civil Supplies will NOT be charged for any other service in the Government Hospital.

Accident cases, riot victims, victims of extremist violence, cases arising out of epidemics and natural calamities shall be treated as per with members of BPL families in respect of Medical Services in the Government Hospital.

[ Vide Govt. of Assam Letter No. HLB. 92/2001/78 dtd. 04-06-2003 ]

Hospital Facility

Registration and RentalRate (Rs.)
Registration Fee (For OPD Card)5
Bed for patients in General Ward per day5
Hospital Paying Cabins per day200
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (without Ventilation) per day1500
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (with Ventilation) per day2500

Laboratory Investigation Charges

Radiological TestsRate (Rs.)
Chest P.A.view50
Chest Lat.view50
Plain X-Ray Abdomen (KUB)70
Lat. View of Abdomen70
A.P.view of pelvis70
Lat.view of pelvis70
A.P. & lat view of Hip Joint100
A.P. & lat view of Femur70
A.P. & lat view of Knee Joint70
A.P. & lat view of both bones of Leg70
A.P. & lat view of Ankle Joint70
A.P.view of foot50
Lat.view of foot50
A.P. & lat view of Shoulder70
A.P. & lat view of Arm (Humerus)70
A.P. & lat view of both bones of Forearm70
A.P. & lat view of Elbow Joint70
A.P. & lat view of Wrist Joint70
A.P.view of Hand50
A.P. & lat view of Skull100
X-Ray Mastoid50
X-Ray PNS50
P.A.view of Orbit50
Townes view70
X-Ray Base of the Skull70
X-Ray Soft Tissue of Neck50
A.P. & lat view of Cervical Spine100
A.P. & lat view of Thoracic Spine100
A.P. & lat view of Lumbosacral Spine100
Myelogram (without constrast)200
I.V.P. (without constrast)300
Hystero Salpingogram(without constrast)250
Arteriogram (without constrast)250
Venogram (without constrast)250
Barium Swallow Oesophagus (without constrast)150
Barium Meal U.G.I.T. (without constrast)200
Barium Meal Follow Through upto appendix (without constrast)200
Barium Enema (without constrast)250
Ultrasonography (without film)250
U.S.Guided Biopsy/Aspiration200
Haematological TestsRate (Rs.)
Blood for R.E.70
Platelet Count30
Blood for M.P.20
Bone marrow study100
Complete Haemogram (PCV,MCV,MCH,MCHC, TRBC,BT,CT150
Alkali Denaturation test20
Absolute Eosinophil Count20
LE Cell test50
Absolute Neutrophil Count20
ABO & Rh40
Reticulocyte Count30
BT. CT.40
Urine for B.J.P.40
Immunological TestsRate (Rs.)
Hb electrophoresis20
Comb's test (Indirect)130
Comb's test (Direct)120
CDA &CDB count in FACS Machine500
Cytological TestsRate (Rs.)
FNAC Cytology150
Sputum Cytology (AFB)40
Fluid Cytology150
Exfoliative Cytology100
Microbiological TestsRate (Rs.)
Urine Pregnancy test80
ASO Titre100
Hepatitis 'B' surface antigen (Australia antigen HbsAg)200
Widal test60
Rhematoid factor75
PUS Culture50
HIV Elisa/Rapid/Simple testFREE
Culture & Sensitivity50
Other TestsRate (Rs.)
Fungal Culture50
Urethral smear for gram stain50
Blood Culture50
Urethral smear for Gonococcus50
Fungal Scrapping50
C-Reactive ProteinFREE
AFB staining from sputumFREE
HIV, Australia antigen,VDRLFREE
Gram Staining40
Urethral smear for AFBFREE
Mantoux (Tuberculin)testFREE
Sputum conc method for AFBFREE
Stool for R.E.20
Urine for R.E.20
Gastrointestinal TestsRate (Rs.)
Therapeutic Endoscopy500
U.G.I. Endoscopy250
Blood BankRate (Rs.)
Processing for one unit of Blood for GMCH250
Processing for one unit of Blood from outside500
Cell Separator85
Paediatric (Neonatology)Rate (Rs.)
Babies from paying cabin250 per day
Babies from General ward100 per day
Surgery: Major OperationRate (Rs.)
For patients of General Ward500
For patients of Paying cabin1500
Surgery: Minor OperationRate (Rs.)
For patients of General Ward100
For patients of Paying Cabin200
Cytological Examination30
PAP smear50
Biopsy and Histopathology75
Child Delivery: Normal DeliveryRate (Rs.)
1st and 2nd Child (General Ward)300
1st and 2nd Child (Paying Cabin)500
3rd Child onward (General Ward)1200
3rd Child onward (Paying Cabin)1500
Child Delivery: Complicated Delivery (Forceps etc.)Rate (Rs.)
1st and 2nd Child (General Ward)400
1st and 2nd Child (Paying Cabin)500
3rd Child onward (General Ward)1300
3rd Child onward (Paying Cabin)1500
Child Delivery: Caesarean SectionRate (Rs.)
1st and 2nd Child (General Ward)750
1st and 2nd Child (Paying Cabin)1400
3rd Child onward (General Ward)1500
3rd Child onward (Paying Cabin)1600
Other Obs. & Gynaecological OperationRate (Rs.)
Minor Operation (Gynaecological)75
Major Gynaecological Operation (Paying Cabin)1500
Major Gynaecological Operation (General Ward)750
M.T.P. & Bilateral Tubal Ligation and VasectomyFREE
E.N.T. TestsRate (Rs.)
Pure Tone Audiometry50
Speech & Voice Analysis50
Endocrinological TestsRate (Rs.)
Cortisol (AM)450
Cortisol (PM)450
CardiologyRate (Rs.)
Pace-maker Implantation (Excluding Pace-maker cost)5000
TMT charge400
24 hours Holter monitoring400
I.C.U.Rate (Rs.)
Na+ + K+100
Biochemistry TestsRate (Rs.)
T. Protein70
T. Bilirubin40
Total Cholesterol50
Direct Bilirubin40
Indirect Bilirubin40
ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase)70
Uric acid60
GGPT (Gamma G. Transferase)80
P.P. Blood Sugar30
Fasting Blood Sugar30
Random Blood Sugar30
GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test )150
S.Protein Total (Albumin + Glubulin)90
Liver Function Test
(Albumin + TP + T.Bil. + D.Bil. + I.Bil. + ALT + AST + ALP + GGPT)
Lipid Profile
(Total Cholesterol + Triglyceride + HDL +LDL + VLDL)
Neurological TestsRate (Rs.)
E.E.G. Charge200
E.M.G. Charge150
Nephrological TestsRate (Rs.)
Haemo - Dialysis200
Peritoneal - Dialysis250
Ophthalmological Tests (R.I.O.)Rate (Rs.)
Cataract, D.C.T. and all Major Operations500
All Minor Operation like Pterygium, Chalazion etc.200
YAG Laser post. Capsulectomy, Iridotomy etc.200
Biometry and IOL power calculation100
Orthoptic Exercise in Synoptophor10

News - Events - Tender

Tender notice for "SUPPLY OF LIVERIES/ BEDDING & CLOTHING ITEMS AT F.A.A. MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, BARPETA, PIN NO.:-781301, ASSAM" Last date for submission is 16-th June 2020 till 1:30 PM. Details about the tender is available here.

Tender notice for "SUPPLY OF PROTECTIVE GEAR ITEMS AT F.A.A. MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, BARPETA, PIN NO.:-781301, ASSAM" Last date for submission is 4-th June 2020 till 12:30 PM. Details about the tender is available here.

Tender notice for "SUPPLY OF COLOR CODED BIO MEDICAL WASTE COLLECTION BAGS, BINS & DISINFECTANT ITEMS AT F.A.A. MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, BARPETA, PIN NO.:-781301, ASSAM" Last date for submission is 3-rd June 2020 till 12:30 PM. Details about the tender is available here.

Tender notice for "SUPPLY OF REAGENTS & CONSUMABLES ITEMS FOR AT MRU, F.A.A. MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, BARPETA, PIN NO.:-781301, ASSAM" Last date for submission is 16-th March 2020 till 11:30 AM. Details about the tender is available here.

Last date and time for the tender for "Supply, installation and commissioning of Scientific Equipments for Multi-Disciplinary Research Unit at FAA Medical College (MRU-FAAMC), Barpeta." has been extended till 28-01-2020 till 11:00 AM. Details about the tender is available here. Date extension notice is available here Amended specification based on pre-bid meeting held on 09-01-2020 can be downloaded here.

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8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
24 hours OPEN
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